Integrated Marketing Communication

We help build a complete plan to help increase the visibility of your brand/product to improve your sales monetisation. Integrated Marketing Communication brings together all aspects of marketing communication to help promote your brand to the desired target customer. This way you can use this brand promotion to build maximum cost effectiveness in selling your product or service.

Integrated marketing has various components which contribute to success:

  1. Brand Identity - This is the foundation stone for all your marketing effort. This involves detailed analysis of your product offering and the customer profile. The needs, attitudes and expectations of the target customers will help define your identity.

  2. Marketing Mix Model - Your marketing mix should evolve with consumer feedback. Marketing mix Model will help use data analysis on your sales and marketing data to build effective marketing tactics (marketing mix) to improve sales.

  3. Customer Experience: Most products fall because they fail in understanding the customer experience of the product. Products need to meet and exceed customer expectations and keep evolving as the customers do. This makes it essential to use prediction models.

  4. Communication Strategy - A strong communication strategy is based on consumer consumption. It should include the strengths of Digital and offline media to give best ROI.

  5. Retention tools - Customer feedbacks and reviews ensure your repeat consumption. Build your customer relationship management (CRM) to build loyalty and influence.

Integrated marketing communication creates and enables marketing mix to collaborate in a harmonious way to promote your product or service effectively among end-users.