Brand Solutions

We understand that your brand is a unique promise that differentiates you from your competition. We help define your brand, position your brand identity and deliver the salience required to take your brand to the target consumer.

Markatent branding helps customers commit to your product/service for the longest time. We convey brand messages vividly to create customer loyalty and persuade buyers to connect with your product. Branding establishes an emotional connectivity with the customers and raises customer expectations about the product.

The interlinked concepts of branding which will help build a strong presence:

  • → Creating Brand Positioning and Architecture is of paramount importance in building a story for your organisation. Markatent has been a part of such journeys and can help you establish your presence.
  • Design is an important part of the identity as users relate to it. Experiential Design studio at Markatent will help create a visual identity for your brand.
  • Spatial design to help provide the right placement both offline and online for your product.
  • Packaging, one of the 4P’s is essential for a brand creation, we create innovative designs based on consumer uptake research.